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Are you working a full time job and working on a side project? Well, I got you covered!

Having a side hustle while working a full time gig is not always the easiest thing to do… but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With a few simple tricks and tips to keep you motived, I think it is safe to say that you can stay focused and make your dreams a reality!

Please watch this video and I hope you find it helpful!

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Fav episodes:

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(Watch me design this header here)

The other day my friend Julie asked me why I always carry my snacks and meals around in glass containers versus tupperware. I explained to her that I am trying to go zero waste in my kitchen, which involves me eliminating the use of plastic. She was very curious about what the “going zero waste” concept means. She and I continued to have a pretty in depth conversation about it, and I gave her some simple tips and tricks she could implement immediately, in an effort to eliminate waste in her kitchen.



I love this image. To me – it is the perfect combination of vulnerability and beauty. Which really speaks to how I felt while writing this today…


I had a hard week this week and I am going to talk about it.. because I think it is important to not just talk about the great times in life – mainly because, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A BAD WEEK. I repeat, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A BAD WEEK!

Without going into too much detail, there are several changes and new things happening in my life that I am adjusting to – and this week I think it all just caught up to me and it got a little hard. I have a video coming out in February all about this, but I have accepted a full time job and am not doing freelance as much. I really felt like I needed to grow and work on a team and understand that world for a while – so I am with a really incredible company now. I also realized this past year that I want to try doing new things with my creativity; like making videos and making tangible products and I want to spend my spare time working on that. But, going through that change hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been building my business for a long time and it wasn’t the easiest decision to make. I know I have made the right decision for me, but, like anything that is new – it can be a little bit scary diving into, and I think this week it just all caught up with me.



I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today – Design Matters, by Debbie Millman (which I mentioned in a recent favorites video). Her guest was the first ever, and current creative director for NPR, Liz Danzico.

On Liz’s blog, she wrote a letter to her younger self, which Debbie read aloud – and it is full of truth, enlightenment and something I believe we all can relate to.

These are my favorite parts from the letter:

Choose something for yourself every day. Do it repeatedly and without fail. If you do something for yourself every day, no matter how many standoffs or negotiations or letdowns you face throughout the day, no one can take that away from you.


If I met me, but many years before, we’d talk about love and time. Love will not be polite. It does not wait for opportune moments to approach you. It knows not your life plans or schedule or current or future intentions. It will not wait for you to be ready. There is, in this way, no time for it. If you wait for it, then, it will not come. As love — for a person, a profession, a practice, a city — comes to you. It crosses your path and is only yours to accept. It is up to you to open your hands and heart.

 Read the full letter here.

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