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Home · Blog · Self-Employment : I went to Pitchlandia 2014 + Vlog!

If you don’t know, Pitchlandia was this week here in Portland, OR! It was the world’s first crowd-funded & crowd-selected Startup Pitch event. I am always a sucker for Startup events in general – I always leave feeling energized with a new sense of purpose for ‘doing my own thing’. Which is a very addictive feeling! This event in particular sparked my interest because the audience, who helped fund the event, had control of who won and who took the money home. There were 20 pitches total (I show clips of some of my favorite highlights in the video below*), 10 pitches were Tech and 10 were tangible products, which was a nice change up. I think it is easy to get stuck in the ‘tech bubble’ in the Startup World, so it was very refreshing!

One of the guys pitching, Jay Wallace, is a good friend of mine & earlier this year I had the chance to work on his logo with him for Bubblr. It was pretty cool seeing my logo up on the big screen!


I want to start making videos/vlogs about these type of events, not only to document what I am doing in my life that I can look back on, but in the hopes that someone can stumble upon this video & see other people following their dreams, being doers & getting shit done to make the life they want for themselves & to feel inspired and motivated to do the same! If you want to do it, you can! Sometimes you need a nudge though… and I am hoping videos like this are that nudge that you might need. 🙂


Enjoy! Thank you for reaching + watching!

– J


*Sorry for the shakiness in the video! I will get better overtime 🙂

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