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Hi guys! I know this video went up late – sometimes life happens and life comes before your passions. I filmed this video at the end of August, I just did not have time to sit down and edit it.
This month has been amazing though, my family came into town – I got to meet my 5 month old niece and it was truly a special time. The day I have off to film every week, I spent cuddling and just watching her. She is seriously adorable! I miss her and my family already.

I hope you enjoy my August favorites video none the less! I love making these videos and sharing things I have been loving, with you guys! What favorite things have you been loving this month? As you can see, I don’t have a strict theme to mine… which means you don’t either. You can tell me anything from your favorite conversation you had this month, to your favorite lollipop 🙂 All things in life are important!


Enjoy the rest of your day,



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