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The Creative Roundtable First Meetup with Jehn Glynn and Jena Nesbitt

Today I had a wonderful morning with Jena Nesbitt planning The Creative Roundtables first meetup! ( It’s this Thursday and we are so excited.

Since starting CR (Creative Roundtable) at the beginning of this year, we have seen an overwhelming response from the community to do not only a nightly meetup, but also one that is open to the public (our traditional meetings are closed, as we want everyone to get undivided attention). So, we listened and have delivered!

Our plan for the meetup is to offer that same idea of undivided attention by doing focused breakout groups with seasoned professionals. Our hope is that everyone will walk away with something they can apply to their business or idea, right away. We hope you can come, if you are in the Portland area! Also, please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested!

If someone told me 2-3 years ago that I would be doing something like this, I would have never believed it. I can’t believe where my life is and I owe it all to the support and encouragement I get from everyone around me…. <3

I am really nervous and very excited for Thursday! Eeee! : )

I hope you all are having an amazing day! Xoxo from Portland!

– Jehn

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