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The other day my friend Julie asked me why I always carry my snacks and meals around in glass containers versus tupperware. I explained to her that I am trying to go zero waste in my kitchen, which involves me eliminating the use of plastic. She was very curious about what the “going zero waste” concept means. She and I continued to have a pretty in depth conversation about it, and I gave her some simple tips and tricks she could implement immediately, in an effort to eliminate waste in her kitchen.

I saw Julie again a few days later and she excitedly asked me, “Jehn, guess what?!” to which I responded, “WHAT!?” (Julie is awesome, I am always excited to hear what she has to say!) “Well, when I went to Whole Foods last night, I used glass jars instead of using plastic bags at the bulk bins and not only was it fun but it was so easy! Thank you for giving me the tips!”. “Julie,” I said “THAT is so cool! Isn’t it fun to fill them up and then display them in your cupboards?” “Yes, I am loving it!” Julie replied “I even thought to myself, as I was putting dinner leftovers away, why don’t I put them in glass jars also, instead of using plastic baggies and tupperware! I never thought to use anything else, because that is just how it always was… leftovers go in plastic baggies and plastic tupperware!” It was an exciting moment for me, as someone who is trying to spread the word about zero waste, but also for Julie, you could tell her perspective had shifted a bit and she had a huge smile on her face.

Fast forward to today: Tonight I made curry for dinner, and just now, while I was putting the leftovers in a cleaned out spaghetti sauce jar, I returned to that conversation I had with Julie and thought to myself…just because tupperware is marketed as storage for leftovers and spaghetti sauce jars are marketed as sauce storage, does not mean you can’t use the jar as something else, right?! Which lead me to think, that just because I am a designer and my degree and the past seven years of my life, I have been marketing myself as a Graphic Designer, does not mean I can’t do something else! I have always felt like I have so much more to say and share, that doesn’t come across as easily in a visual way.

So, here I am, writing in my blog and sending out e-mails through my new website, that houses something I have always wanted to do for myself… which is to make videos and content that can help others achieve their dreams. Which is something I have never marketed myself for, but something I have always wanted to do. In other words, I have decided to ‘think outside the tupperware’, put myself out there and hopefully not only share what I have learned along the way with you, but learn from you as well. (But don’t worry, this does not mean I will not continue to design, design is in my soul and I will never stop doing it!)

Thank you for reading – now go think outside the tupperware!

(Watch me design the header to this blog post here)

Muchlove – Jehn

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