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jehn glynn designer what snow taught me

Beautiful Southeast Portland

It’s easy to forget to take a moment and to be present. On any given day, there are many variables in our lives that are easy to get caught up in; the deadlines, our relationships, money and expectations. Today was different. As the snow blanketed the town the world seemed calm and alive. As I walked down the street, I saw no one. All I could hear was the squeak then the crunch of my boot as it pushed down the snow. I took a deep breath. The air felt clean and fresh as it hit my lungs. The flakes were refreshing as they landed on my face. The wind swirling around me was a nice reminder that the chaos of the world was still there, but as I inhaled that fresh, clean air, I felt calm and present. As I exhaled, I knew this was a feeling I had forgotten about.

 We all have the ability to take a moment to look around. To take a deep breath and to feel present. To feel aware. To feel lucky to be feeling it. Let’s not forget that in the wind that swirls around us, is a life that is happening – it’s your life. & let’s not forget that.

Thank you for reading & much love,

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