What you can expect when working with me

We will make sure we are a good fit

After you have filled out this form, I will get back to you within 72 hour to set up a time to chat personally over the phone or on video chat. During this time we will also go further into depth into your needs for the project.

It is important that not only do your needs match my skill-set, but that our personalities work well together.

Work should be fun and you should like who you work with!

I will work on a custom proposal for your needs

After we have our initial talk, I will work on a custom proposal that meets the needs of your project.

You can expect this proposal to have items such as (but not limited to):

  • An overview of our in-depth conversation
  • A breakdown of deliverables from my end and your end to ensure the project timeline goes as planned
  • Transparent and clear pricing (including when additional charges may occur)
  • Amount of revisions
  • And more…

We will review the proposal together

I like to review the proposal together to make sure both parties have a clear understanding of the scope of work at hand. This also gives you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want, without going back and forth via email!

The proposal will be signed & the work will begin

The second the proposal is signed, I can promise you that I will begin working immediately on the deliverables. This also means, depending on the project, that you may also have work that needs to be done to ensure my job can be completed effectively. A few examples of this would be; I might need copy for an ad campaign, or photographs you want to use, or maybe a few logins to access what I need.

Don’t worry, if you have any deliverables that need to be met, they will not only be in the proposal, but I will remind you of what needs to be completed!

During the project, you can expect me to to communicate with you

While I am completing the project, you can expect me to stay in touch during critical milestones to ensure everything is moving smoothly and as expected.

Once the project is complete, we will review it together

It is important to review the project together, to ensure both parties are happy satisfied with the outcome. It is not uncommon that once a project is complete, that there might be minor tweaks to be made. During the review process, we will identify if anything is needed and the changes will be made per the proposal timeline.

Interested in working with me? Click here to fill out this form and tell me about your project! I’d love to hear about it!